Guest speakers offer enhanced exposure to the world, as well as personal stories of accomplishment. There are so many opportunities out there, interesting people to meet, and wonderful places to visit. We invite guest speakers to highlight many of these through their own experiences and accomplishments.

Pierre Jette is going to break the Guinness Book of World Records by skiing the most vertical in one year. He is doing this in an effort to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease.

Josh Bibby inspired students with his life of skiing. He also imparted some wisdom about sponsorship.

Yuki Tsabota, represented Canada in the last Olympics in slopestyle. She spoke with the students and then rode the park with them.

Matt Leduc, skier cross national team. Spoke about the world skier cross circuit and showed race footage. Then he skied and raced some gates with the students.

Chris Harder photographer. Spoke about shooting pictures, then road around the mountain shooting photos.

Dave Pinel runs West Coast Expeditions, a kayak touring company who operates on Spring Island off the west coast of Vancouver Island. He showed films and photos of living a life of adventure, and the importance of diversity in our environment. Students were interested in the reintegration of the sea otter.

Peter Gibson, CEO and president of Mount Washington, gave a warm welcome to the students of Podium of Life.

Paul Lapierre, owner of Blue Toque, ran an avalanche awareness session. Students learned how to recognize avalanche danger and avoid it, and how to use probes and transceivers.

Andrea Lee, a member of the national development Nordic ski team, spoke to the students about training at a national level. She spoke of goal setting and creating a structured plan to help attain the goals. Her motivational talk inspired some of the students to think about future Olympic dreams.

Dale Logan, the risk manager at  Mount Washington, covered various safety protocols on the mountain.  He showed a film, which included many of the professional skiers and snowboarders that the students look up to, outlining how to be safe on the mountain.

Deke Botford – World class swimmer and orthopaedic surgeon who spoke of time management to juggle national team and residency as a doctor. Students were impressed with stories and photos of surgeries.

Micha and Sakha – Twin grade 10 boys who live in Tanzania, spoke to the students about living in Africa as missionaries. They described their lives, living among the Masai, and told stories of encounters with lions and Elephants.

Mike Douglas – One of the most influential skiers in BC; pioneer of twin tip skis, pro skier, video maker, Xgames announcer, and much more. He spoke to the students of following their skiing passion, with many fascinating personal stories. It was good for students to meet one of their mentors and heros.

Jonaven Moore – Creator of big mountain movies including: the season (  and Deeper. He spoke of the adventurous life of following one’s dreams and gave perspective to the lure of fame. Through nail biting stories, he outlined the feat of climbing big mountain to ride down “sick” lines.

Rob Wood – A pioneer of mountaineering and the author of “Towards the Unknown Mountains”. One of the pioneers of ice climbing and rock climbing. He spoke to the students about self-reliance and the wonderful park we have here at Mount Washington, Strathcona Park. He also gave each student one of his books.

Rob Fontaine – “Mental toughness to achievement” – Rowing: gold medal, and 2 fourth place finishes at the world championships, two silver medals at the Pan-American games. He spoke of mental toughness and the road to success.

Paul Elphick – Video creator (cyclops). He showed students various techniques in how to create effective videos.

Simon Stubbs – B.C, freestyle judge and president of Mount Washington Freestyle Clu.b. He showed students how big air, moguls, and slope style events are judged.

Mark Campbell – A member of the Canadian Armed forces who lost his legs in Afghanistan. Students were on the edge of their seats listening to the rescue mission that cost Mark his legs.

Warren Harle – Living life as an adventure in Alaska: fishing, gold mining under frozen rivers, living off the land, teaching in tiny First Nations villages, raising a family while living in tents and on boats.

Xander Oldaker – Living life as an adventure, sailing around the pacific,  kayaking in the arctic, encounters with polar bears, sailing up and down the east coast, living with little impact on the environment, and making many things with your own hands.

Shannen Harle – Living life as an adventure in the far north with the Inuit: eating raw meat, walrus, Inuit culture, ice travel, building igloos, ice fishing, and many adventurous stories.

Visiting liftees spoke to the students about their countries – Growing up in Ethiopia, Chile, Germany, France, and Australia.

Clay and Deb Sketchley – World travellers, showed slides and told stories of their many travelling adventures in the Far East and Asia.

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