We build education around lifestyle and adventure, and students are excited to go to school each day.

Our students will not compromise their education, they can integrate back into an educational program and excel with regard to their  academic abilities. As part of the program we educate students about the importance of goal setting, using their time effectively, setting priorities, gaining self-discipline and independence, working cooperatively together, all hand in hand with the importance of hard work.

Education is tailored to each student.

Students in large classes with an inflexible academic schedule often feel their needs are not being met.  Podium of Life offers a flexible schedule and delivery of the academic program to help meet the various needs of students. This flexibility is reflected in the various enrolment options as below.

Students will learn grade appropriate education through a distance education program approved by the Government of British Columbia.  This includes earning credits toward graduation for students in grade 10 – 12.  School is taught by a certified teacher who has 15 years of experience and holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. Delivery of the curriculum is a combination of in-class and on-line projects. Our students graduate with a Dogwood diploma.

A strong aspect of our program is the creation of Individual Education Success Plans (IESP) focusing on the students’ strengths and addressing their challenges.  The IESPs build on student strengths in order to build self-confidence and achieve academic success.  A flexible course delivery schedule compliments training and competition demands.

Year-Long Option

Students can enrol for a full year where their education is facilitated through distance learning. The curriculum is delivered through a highly successful, learner friendly, online program that is provincially approved called eBlend.

This online education option allows flexibility for training, competing and continuity of the academic curriculum, as course work can be completed during breaks in the competitive season, and other times of the year that are not so busy.

Combination Option

Students can enrol for the winter season from early December to mid April. Students begin the academic year in September at their local school and then enrol in Podium of Life in December. Upon completion of Podium of Life in April, students can choose to return to their local school, or complete the academic year through Podium of Life and the eBlend distance education program.

Part-time Option

Students can enrol for part time, which ranges from a week to a few months. They can also enrol one, two, or three days a week for a duration of time. We adjust the timing to meet the needs of the students.

Education is hands on and interactive.

In addition to daily work on academics students also experienced:

Avalanche safety

Alpine responsibility code


Snow survival

States of matter

Silly putty experiment


Story telling

Fly tying

Snow shoeing

Table tennis

Weight training


Skate skiing

Performance on Podium

Printing Making

Canvas painting

Snow building

Video creations

Power point presentation


Guest Speaker Bob “Losing My Legs”

Information Technology A level

  • Personal Development
  • Healthy living through fitness and skiing
  • Nutrition discussions
  • Planning out the year
  • Planning out a week
  • Planning for a competition
  • Goal setting for skiing, yearly, weekly, daily
  • Safety on snow
  • Career exposure through guest speaker
  • Self-awareness discussions and group work
  • Group process
  • Mental toughness – Courage to Win
  • The technique of questioning
  • Self-assessment and reflection
  • Individual athletic plan, Individual education plan, individual personal plan
  • Communication – asking for what you want
  • Self empowerment
  • Self reliance
  • Organizational skills

Leadership Presentation                                     Each Student With Their Own Laptop

Individual attention

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