Well Rounded Skiers

All aspects of skiing and are covered including racing, moguls, park, and all-mountain skills, with a strong emphasis on mountain safety. It is our belief that building a broad base of knowledge is important to build overall skiing skills and personal development.

Whistler Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club and Whistler Mountain Race Club help provide excellent coaching to help all students reach their goals.

Podium of Life Has the Secret to Success

The secret to success is actually not a secret at all.  High achievers, whether they are athletes, musician, artists, or scholars all have one thing in common:  hours and hours of deliberate practice.  In fact, Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, claims it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in any field.

What is deliberate practice? It is practicing and training with a purpose.  At the Podium of Life Ski Academy, the instructors already have this figured out.  Skiers are NOT on their way to becoming an expert by randomly skiing down moguls, over jumps or around gates.  POL instructors understand this and every training session is structured with purpose.  Instead ofsending skiers out on the mountain in big groups, POL has a very small skier/instructor ratio.  For deliberate practice to occur, mistakes must be identified, addressed and corrected.  Small class size allows the instructor to pay attention to the details for EVERY skier.

What is the 10,000 hour rule?  It is simply putting in the time.  POL students are on snow up to 12 hours a week more than the average skier!  POL of life skiers are investing an extra 48 hours every month toward the 10,000 hour rule!  Wow!  Combine this extra time on snow with deliberate practice and Podium of Life has the Secret to Success!

“For the past two Winter seasons I have been attending Podium of Life Snow Sports Academy. This allowed me to train everyday to achieve my goal; to win gold in the 2018 Paralympics. My goal for the first season was just to train and race as much as I could which I did in the Vancouver Island Society of Adaptive Snowsports (VISAS). The next season’s goal was to train with both the VISAS and also get into the Able bodied club Mount Washington Ski Club (MWSC) which I did and had an excellent race season winning many medals.

It is now August 2013 and I have just received a letter from the BC Adaptive Snowsports inviting me to join the BC Para-Alpine Ski Team development program, which involves training with the BC team, attending Building Our Best camps and races and competing in the BC Winter Games for this upcoming ski season. So once again I will be attending Podium of Life. I am now setting my new short term goals and doing Summer training in preparation for the next Winter season.”

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