“The POL experience was ultimately life changing for Justin.”

“We have been so happy to see our 12 year old daughter express such joy and commitment to her skiing and academics through POL.”

“In one week my son can actually see the potential that he has and feels that it is attainable.”

“Everyday, she was an excited student, skier, artist, and independent learner.”

“This has been a life changing experience for me.”

“If you’re looking to inject some energy and passion into your child’s education then Podium of Life has that and so much more to offer.”

“Through the disciplined and self-motivated study that you encourage in your school her academic success has improved exponentially.”

“Parents now have a way for their children to pursue their dreams”

“Their commitment to youth and youth development can not be questioned.”


We can’t thank you both enough for creating The Podium of Life Ski Academy bringing learning together with passion. Thanks to your program and your unique insights our son has developed passion and motivation in his life. We feel blessed that Justin has discovered these amazing life skills and is able to utilize them in his regular school life. The POL experience was ultimately life changing for Justin.

Sheila and John Watt


We highly recommend Podium of Life to any parent who would like to see their child involved in an inspirational, educational and athletic program. We have been so happy to see our 12 year old daughter express such joy and commitment to her skiing and academics through POL. Although this program is a terrific alternative to the public school system, it is the enthusiasm, work ethic and wonderful personalities of Shane and Corey Harle that make it truly worth pursuing. We plan to have our daughter stay in this program for the foreseeable future as she is highly motivated to continue with Podium of Life.

Dave and Arlene MacPherson


“My son has only been at the school for one week.  The impact on my son is amazing.  My son actually feels engaged in school and doesn’t see it as a burden to learn.  He spends the morning doing his academics and then spends the afternoon working on his leadership and personal development through skiing.  In one week my son can actually see the potential that he has and feels that it is attainable. That is worth more than anything in the world for a parent to see the light in their child’s eyes.”
With kind regards,
Aryn Smith-Avendano



Podium of Life Ski School has provided an amazing experience for my 15 year old daughter. She had the “Best Year Ever”! Everyday, she was an excited student, skier, artist, and independent learner. I would highly recommend this program and Shane and Corey Harle.

Liza and Sandy Grant


My name is Maja Nymann and I am 16 years old. I have been lucky enough to have been enrolled in the Podium of the life Ski Academy for three years. This has been a life changing experience for me and I will never forget the numerous lessons I have learned and opportunities I was given. I am a competitive alpine skier and school has become quite an obstacle for me over the years with missing so many days for trips, distance education really opened my eyes to the choices and control you have over your academics that I feel not very many people know about. With the always available help of Shane and Corey Harle I got to ski and do my schooling at the same time! Not only was it extremely helpful but also so educational! We had numerous guest speakers each year from all over the world come in to talk to us about their experiences and adventures. We went out and tried new things like yoga, snowshoeing, snow cave building and cross country skiing all the time! I have had such a great time these past years and met so many really interesting people! Going back to regular public school after a season with Podium of Life, I see things differently and I feel that it really gives you a perspective on how much more there is out there to discover and learn. I find now after having spent most the last three years with Podium that a lot of time is wasted in public school and just the environment is so different. At Podium you really get to know the people around you and everyone helps each other out. You learn a lot from the people there and become much more comfortable and confident when you’re in such an encouraging, happy environment. At public school you don’t get that personal help and support with the student to teacher ratio being so high. All in all I feel extremely fortunate to have had this experience and I suggest the program to pretty much any student with any level of skiing ability! It is really an eyeopening experience that you cannot regret and will remember for the rest of your life!  Id like to add that all the activities and experiences would not have been the same without the enthusiasm and commitment that Shane and Corey Harle have put into this program. They are one of a kind and I feel very lucky to have spent so much of my last three years with them. I’ve had such a great time and learned so much.

Maja Nymann 10th grade


Three Great Years with Podium of Life

We’re a family of four, with two daughters, now aged 13 and 16. Both our girls have been fortunate to attend Podium of Life Snow Sports Academy on Mount Washington for the last three seasons.

The first season was a real leap of faith for us, as we had concerns with removing our children from the regular school system. These concerns were not soothed much by the warnings and cautions we received from teachers and counsellors alike in the school system.

Needless to say the world didn’t end, as we have sent them back three years running. Podium of Life opened our family’s eyes to the possibilities and benefits of stepping outside the box. Our children have been shown that there are quite often not only options to the status quo but that those other options can be very rewarding and often much more efficient than the path of the mainstream. The lessons learned from their time at Podium will influence our daughters in a positive way for the rest of their lives.

We felt very sorry for ourselves when we found out that the school will be moving to Whistler for the 2014 season, but also very happy for the Harle family, as this is a family that just can’t help but progress and challenge themselves. There seems to be a few other program options available at Whistler-Blackcomb, which is overall a good thing for everyone, as we have come to believe that there is a need for options outside the standard lifestyle and education format. We don’t know much about the other programs available but we would be confident in saying that what sets Podium of Life apart is the Harle family. Shane and Corey are exceptional people with an exceptional level of positive energy and passion for life. We have been very lucky to have been influenced by their great attitude and enthusiasm and if you’re looking to inject some energy and passion into your child’s education then Podium of Life has that and so much more to offer.

We would like to thank the Harle’s from the bottom of our hearts for the last three years and wish them great happiness and success in their new location. We know they will make the most of it.


The Nymann Family


Podium of Life is an environment where students are encouraged with facilitation to explore the upper spectrum of their expectations for achievement.

Janice 11th grade


Dear Shane and Corey,

We are still glowing from our amazing winter season on the mountain with you and we are even more excited about the future.

When we first discovered your Podium of Life school it was like a dream come true; we were in England at the time and decided we would send our daughter, Mel, for a whole season and the experience of a lifetime. After attending your school for the 2011/12 season we just had to do it all again this year.

This year my daughter’s dream of becoming a skiing Olympian is really coming alive, thanks to your unwavering belief and absolute encouragement for Mel and indeed all your students to pursue their dreams; the reality actually seems possible! As parents we could want nothing more for our daughter than to have such a strong self-belief and determined spirit; an invaluable life skill for anyone.

Through the disciplined and self-motivated study that you encourage in your school her academic success has improved exponentially. Last year at her regular school Mel struggled with Math and always had homework in this subject (which she resented very much). On returning to her regular school she is achieving 100% marks easily and that’s a dream come true for any parent!!

Alongside her academics, as an athlete we can see and appreciate just how far she has come in such a short time. We are truly thrilled that she has far exceeded any pediatrician’s prognosis and that her overall fitness and strength also serve her really well at her regular school sports.

We have supported Mel’s ski racing dream from the start, believing that even if she never got to race she would improve her balance, co-ordination and muscle tone. You guys have really taken this to the next level and little did we know that her skiing abilities would reach such levels. You have led her the way to the Provincials in Silverstar and the ‘Whistler Cup’ and that was an amazing time almost overwhelming; well for us parents anyway, not Mel.

As a family we are so excited to be a part of P.O.L. and look forward to next season, which is only 204 days left and counting….

See you soon

Rachael, Simon and Mel.


To anyone lucky enough to be considering the Podium of Life Ski Academy.

We are a family of four with two daughters aged 12 an 15. They have both been skiing since they were able to walk and have been training and competing with the

Mt. Washington Ski Club for many years now.

Podium of Life has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for our family as a whole. For our daughters it has been an eye opening experience of life outside the lines of the standard experience for most children growing up in today’s western world. They have grown in independence, creativity, confidence and maturity all the while having more fun than anyone could think possible while getting an education. These experiences will no doubt shape the paths they choose for the rest of their lives, and we believe in a fundamentally positive way.

As parents, we too have grown to see possibilities that we may have overlooked before, mostly due to self imposed barriers and reservations of taking paths outside the normal life and education structure most of us are used to.

As a family our future paths and choices will undoubtedly be shaped by the experience and we will always be grateful this rare opportunity crossed our path and was made available to us by some truly generous and courageous people. Shane and Corey Harle have stepped out on a long limb to pursue their dream and set an example we deeply respect. We strongly recommend anyone with children of their own consider life’s options for those unique and rare opportunities that can provide the experiences and adventures that can make life so much richer and more interesting.


The Nymann Family


“When I was in high school, I missed many months of school in order to train and race. Today using technology to deliver distance learning, school can be brought to the mountains. The Podium of Life program under the direction of a master teacher offers a winning combination for young athletes:  quality time training on snow and first class education. Parents now have a way for their children to pursue their dreams of excellence in sport without sacrificing their education.”

Senator Nancy Greene Raine,  Olympic and World Cup Ski Champion.


“Coming from Vancouver Island, it was amazing to be able to race at Mt. Washington. I loved growing up in a small mountain community and all my fond memories of a young racer revolve around hitting the alpine slopes in the day and then cross-country skiing to my friends places after skiing. For me, coming from Nanaimo and a regular school system, it was very difficult to combine skiing and school. My goal was to be able to graduate with good grades, and on time with my peers. To do so, I was forced to move from the island (and Mt. Washington) and go to Whistler. I have always wished that I could have continued at Mt. Washington until I reached the Provincial Ski Team and I feel like I missed some good development years on the mountain in order to achieve my academic goals. Combining school with the opportunity to ski is brilliant and absolutely necessary to be able to provide our athletic youth with the well-rounded life that they should have. Congratulations!”

Allison Forsyth

8-time Canadian Champion, 5 –time World Cup medalis, World Championship bronze medalist, Proud member of the Mt. Washington Ski Club.


I have known Shane and Corey for close to 20 years through my involvement with multi sport event planning and then later in the Mount Washington Community. Both of these fine people have instilled a positive approach in anything they do. Both their smiles are genuine and their commitment to youth and youth development can not be questioned. Their commitment is genuine, and their abililty to deliver the teachings and experience needed for this program are without a doubt 100% guaranteed.

Sincerely, Rick Gibson

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